Our 10 Step Pre-qualification Process That Ensures We Only Work With Excellent Fitness Clients

Our 10 Step Pre-qualification Process That Ensures We Only Work With Excellent Fitness Clients

A big shift that I have made in the last couple of years is expecting excellence from my clients. Both Synergy Fitness clients and my coaching clients. I have set up a very specific set of filters that allows me to work with people I resonate with.

Here is an example of my ideal fitness client:

1) The fitness client must believe in the system I have created and not require working with me directly. This allows me to create the solution one time and then deliver it through many channels and mediums.

2) They must be 100% honest with me. I won’t work with a fitness client who is not 100% transparent in their interactions with me. I dig deep and I put people in uncomfortable interrogations but it is for a greater good. Their positive change. Change does not happen in the midst of comfort for most people. It happens when that thing that has been blocking their progress is exposed.

3) They must be able to recognize their results are 100% dependent on them and I only provide a clear path. They need to be the ones who put one foot in front of the other and do the work. I will do my best to keep them on pace but if they don’t do the work they won’t see the desired outcome. This is hard for some people to wrap their head around believe it or not.

4) They must be clear about what they want from me. Don’t ask me to figure out how to get you to a million dollars someday, or how to give you the perfect body in 30 days. Give me 3 distinct and measurable outcomes or results you want to see in the next 30-90 days. This is where I use my psychology background to drill down into hidden desires and lost reasons for what it is they really want. Clarity is the catalyst to massive action.

5) I make them identify their roadblocks and I require that they commit to removing themselves from habits, relationships, and people that could keep them from reaching their goals. Obviously, I would not tell someone to get divorced over a spouse not being on board with their goals but I would ask them to meet with a therapist and see about finding a plan to get on the same page with their goals and their visions for the future.

6) I make sure they understand their strengths and weaknesses by recalling successes and failures in their life. This gives me an idea of what they are currently capable of and what I need to do to get them to an entirely new level of performance. In the actual consultation, I help them reframe any “failures” as feedback and set them on a mindset for endless growth.

7) I ask them what tools, skills, or extra services I can provide to make their journey as smooth and effective as possible. This establishes my commitment to them and establishes trust before we meet face to face or on the phone.

8) I let them know what is expected of them from the commitment to my program to the to the documentation of their success as a future case study for my company. I establish that I don’t really like to work with clients who are not committed creating a win-win relationship and the importance and expectancy of referrals, testimonials and reviews from them if I fulfill my end of the bargain.

9) I ask for a promise to keep their appointments, follow directions, and be an active participant in our journey together.

10) I ask if there is anything else I can provide that will help them make an educated decision. In order for someone to give themselves, permission to buy something from you, their brain must perceive it to be a logical choice. By asking what else they need to make a decision, I give them permission to change their own life.

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