Meet the founders

Meet the founders

brian-about-imgBrian Devlin is the author of the book Fitness Launch Formula, creator of Fitness Launch Academy and Co-Founder of Fit Pro Evolution.

Brian is a 20-year fitness industry veteran who has generated million in sales and revenues for himself and his business clients. He has coached hundreds of fitness pros to go on and open their own profitable fitness facilities all while still owning and operating 2 very successful facilities of his own, and co-owning a chiropractic office with his beautiful wife Kim.

Brian is passionate about helping fitness professionals find deeper levels inner peace and happiness by helping them engineer businesses that run themselves. His goal is to empower you to spend more time with loved ones and less time trading hours for dollars.

Brian’s message to you:

You are special. There is nobody like you on the planet. You are a unique blend of talents, skills, interests and passion that exists nowhere else. You have a huge gift inside you. A gift the world needs. Otherwise, you would not exist. Your mission is to uncover that gift, hone it, polish it and then return it to the world. The thanks, praise and gratitude you receive for doing so will open door after door in an endless succession. Each door will bring you to a new level of knowing yourself and helping your fellow human beings. Your only job is to recognize the door, see the opportunity, do the work, and reap the blessings that follow by walking through it.

By taking your special talents, skills, and offerings and packaging them into consumable mediums you will unlock the power of entrepreneurialism in your own life. You will create new and invigorating ways of making money while still making a difference in the lives of the people you touch.

12528781_10153908642754627_1036829505_oGreg Crawford is the author of two books The Brain Detox Diet & The Super Hero Foods & ABC’s Of Nutrition.  I’m also the owner of My Training Gym Inc and Co-Founder of Fit Pro Evolution.

  • Greg is also a 20-year fitness industry veteran who with his current gym generates over a million in revenue while enjoying the freedom of being virtually hands free and overseeing his business from his home office.
  • He started with a 2,000 sqft studio from 2011-2013 and built it to 100 personal training members.
  • In 2013 Greg expanded his gym to 6,000 sqft.
  • Within 6 months later he then expanded again to 11,000 sqft in 2013- present- over 500 personal training and bootcamp members.
  • He brings a proven system of how to grow the ultimate fitness business.

Greg is passionate about the business of fitness and marketing and helping other fitness professionals grow a fitness business they love.  After spending years on his own business to build a thriving gym that does over one million is sales each year, he was able to step out of training and focus on helping other fitness professionals reach their business goals.

Greg’s message to you:

You got into your fitness business because you are passionate about fitness and coaching others.  You should also make a very comfortable living doing it because you deserve it!  Sometimes when we start out, the path to living financially comfortable and staying passionate about what you do is clouded by the ups and downs of running a business.

My goal is to give you systems and strategies to avoid making costly mistakes and keep you ahead of the pack and evolve as a fitness pro.

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