How To Always Make The Right Decisions For Your Fitness Business

How To Always Make The Right Decisions For Your Fitness Business

The Fit Pro GPS System: Part 1

Starting a fitness business is probably the most exciting and fulfilling thing you can do for yourself.

But just like any business, you will encounter numerous issues and obstacles. It’s just a fact all business owners must face and it will never go away.

Let’s call them roadblocks…

Here is a list of common roadblocks you will face as a new or mature business owner.

  • Zoning
  • Lease Issues
  • Payroll
  • Scheduling
  • Hiring the right person
  • Firing the wrong person
  • Trying to motivate the wrong person the join your program
  • Budgeting
  • Programming and services
  • Employee training
  • Customer onboarding
  • Customer service
  • Designing your path to your desired outcome
  • And many more…

The above are just some of the most basic roadblocks you will face as an entrepreneur. We have not brushed the surface of “the unexpected death spirals” we all get hit with from time to time. Trust me when I tell you that “in this entrepreneurial life there will be struggles”.

THE MOST critical of roadblocks you are going to face is the process of building and maintaining an unstoppable team.

Many have set out for greatness but nobody has achieved it alone.

Let’s repeat that because if you get nothing from this article, let the most memorable message be “You Must Have A Good Team, And The Team Must Start With You”.

At Fit Pro Evolution both of us have stood wherever you stand now, and both of us have learned the hardest, yet the simplest solution to solving your greatness problem…

Everything Starts With The Calibration of Your Internal Compass.

This is step one in any business.

Unfortunately, it is the most overlooked step in creating a business that evolves, prospers and grows to unexpected levels of success.

Let’s examine what your Internal Compass means. The let’s work together to identify your compass points that will set you on a long term journey that allows you to enjoy the process of becoming a successful, prosperous and evolved business owner.

Getting clear on your long game Compass Points is the FIRST STEP in building a great fitness business.

Your compass points will always filter your decisions and provide bulletproof efficiency to accomplishing your long-term agenda. They will also help you facilitate a long game strategy for your business by acting as a litmus test for all the decisions you will make as an owner.

Your compass points are your onboard navigation system. Unlike google maps, they will never lead you off course, and will provide the fastest and most efficient path to the fulfillment of your long-term vision.

If you’re faced with a difficult decision, you can always fall back on your “why”, filter, tweak and proceed onward with your passion, cause, or purpose.

Your finely tuned navigation system will allow you to make the hard decision based on your internal unwavering beliefs and values.

This process is MOST important when it comes to building your network and your team. A successful and happy fitness entrepreneur has two things:

1) A loyal and resourceful network
2) A powerfully effective team

Everyone in, or linked to your company has to be in alignment with the company’s Internal Compass.

Now that we have covered the profound importance of the Internal Compass…

Let’s set the staging area for your success:

If you’re just starting out, this is the very first step you need to take and I can’t stress the importance of taking this step seriously.…

If you are already established you should also complete this process and reconnect with your waypoints to measure the degree to which your business has fallen off course – if it has.

At the end of the above exercise, you will have a list of five non-negotiable compass points that will always point you in the direction of your dream.

IMPORTANT: If your long-term dream changes (and this happens), you should return to the above exercise to regroup and recalibrate your compass.

Once you have your Internal Compass Points written down, post them in your office or place of contemplation, and start your day by comparing your current path to that of your long-game, and your preset navigation points.

Every decision you make in your business should be in line with those five indicators.

Otherwise, you will create more roadblocks for yourself in the future.

If you would like more information on this process and the next steps involved in creating your dream business, please check out our Evolution Labs Resource and apply for one of our implementation workshops coming to a city near you soon.

If you would like to hop on the phone with one of our coaches please click here to go to our discovery call sign up form.

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