Where Do You Stand On The Fit Pro Evolution Ladder?

Where Do You Stand On The Fit Pro Evolution Ladder?


There’s a certain path we take as fit pros.

And depending where you are today, you may have a desire to evolve to the next level.

So let’s rewind a bit and follow the evolutionary path of a fitness professional and see where you may land and help you get ready to step into the next phase of your evolution.

It all starts here…

Level One: The Employee

The first phase of evolution is becoming a great trainer.

Not just a great trainer, but also a great coach as well.  Knowing how to work with a range of people, connecting with their goals, obstacles, and fears…

And getting really good at transformation clients from the inside out.

This is also the time where you’re honing in on your skills as a trainer.

Skills in:

  • Program design
  • Relationship building
  • Sales
  • Marketing yourself
  • Client retention
  • Getting really clear on whom you serve and what they want.

Because these are the skills you are most likely going to want to take the climb to the next rung in the evolution ladder and become a business owner.

There’s a lot of logistics involved with opening your first fitness business/gym and it can be somewhat overwhelming at times…

That’s why it would be a good idea to read a book like Fitness Launch Formula where author Brian Devlin walks you through the process of how he started and built two fitness studio’s from scratch that generated millions in revenue between both locations.

Which leads us to the next rung of “the ladder”…

Level Two: The Business Owner or Freelancer

This is the next step on your journey to grow, evolve and prosper as a fit pro.

Now, there’s a fine line between becoming a freelance trainer or (independent contractor )and becoming a business owner.

FACT: In the beginning, you will have to wear multiple hats…

  • You’ll be doing most of the training.
  • You’ll be paying the bills.
  • You’ll be answering the phone.
  • You’ll probably be doing the billing.
  • You’ll be the marketer.
  • You’ll be the closer.
  • You’ll be the cleaner.

At this point you are working ‘in’ your business, but it’s growing, and that’s a good thing!.

In this phase of your evolution you need to master three things:

  1. Developing a clear vision of the business
  2. Marketing yourself as an authority.
  3. Hiring staff and delegating.

Developing A Clear Vision For Your Business

Having clarity on your business, knowing its core values, being clear on the goals of the business and projecting the growth of the business is step one in any business.

Instead of following the old standard business plan model, we suggest using a great model like the one we implement at our FPE live Level 1 workshops.

This includes working on the follow keys in your business:

  • Your mission
  • Core values
  • Niche
  • Knowing your market
  • You differentiation in the market (What makes you unique)
  • Your projections (10 years, 3 years, and one year)

Once you have compiled all this data and have a clear look at the business and where it’s headed, that data will help you in the following areas of marketing and hiring employees for your business.

(Workshop Image)

Marketing Your Business And Creating Authority 

Marketing your business comes down to really knowing your market and showing up on their radar by combining education, connection, and inspiring stories – using different communication mediums.

Effective Communication Channels…

  • Emails
  • Facebook posts and ads
  • Blog posts
  • Instagram pictures
  • Videos
  • Referrals from raving fans.
  • Live workshops
  • Snap Chat
  • Periscope

When it comes to marketing your business, remember…

People make buying decisions for two reasons:

  1. Emotional
  2. Logical

You want to tap into both with your marketing.  On the superficial level, people will often need the solution or want to buy based on logical need.

Stop selling your product/services and start selling logical solutions and emotions (Benefits)!

Let’s use a fictitious woman named Sheila as an example.

Examples of “logical Sheila” might be:

  1. Sheila needs a dress for a party
  2. Sheila wants to lose some weight
  3. Sheila wants to get a divorce
  4. Sheila wants new veneer teeth.

However, on the emotional side and on a deeper level,

  1. Sheila wants to look hot at a dinner party
  2. Sheila wants to feel more confident with her body
  3. Sheila wants to finally move on from her ex
  4. Sheila does not want to feel embarrassed every time she smiles

Again, you want to tap into both reasons when you are marketing to your prospect like Sheila.

Let’s take another look at these examples in chart form to help you remember how people will respond to what you are offering.

Sheilas Logical Actions:

  • Go to a boutique dress shop because she needs a nice dress for a trendy party.
  • Go to a gym or personal trainer because they want to lose some weight and need a push and diet advice.
  • Go to a divorce lawyer because they are getting a divorce and they need expert advice.
  • Go to a cosmetic dentist because they want perfect new teeth done before the holidays and want someone reputable.

Sheilas Emotional Actions:

  • She wants to buy a dress that makes her look sexier than her friends.
  • She wants to lose the weight to have more confidence to meet someone since her divorce is final.
  • She wants to just move on from the divorce so she can move on with her life as quickly as possible.
  • She wants to not feel embarrassed every time she smiles at a party.

The best way to find out exactly what your market struggles with so you can meet them at the conversation going on in their head is through surveys.

The purpose of surveys is to REALLY get to know your customers or clients.

  • What they want
  • What their struggles are
  • What their goals are
  • What they google
  • What they love
  • What they fear

Hiring Staff and Delegating

Who you bring into your business is probably THE most important factor you that will determine how well you will grow your business.

The team you assemble will be representing you and your brand. In order to continue the growth of your business without suffering burnout, wilted to learn how to hire and develop and efficient and powerful team that adheres to your core beliefs and company vision.

Many fitness business owners struggle with this.

This bothers us because we believe you have created a career and business that serves what you are passionate about, but you still need to reap the rewards of ownership, like freedom, prosperity, and excitement – without burnout.

Now that this is cleared up, let’s talk about the people you will hire, where to find them, and how to train them.

Most gyms hire based on experience, resumes, and accolades.

Then they go through an interview process, which may consist of multiple interviews and answering some key questions.

The problem is that the process above is flawed. A great resume, experience, and good interview skills do not translate into a great hire.

The “person”, the character, and work ethic is what will ultimately represent YOU and your culture and your brand  and that is why your filtering process needs to take a wildly different approach to conventional practices.

Great hires and passionate team members are what will ensure your continued growth, and set your company apart from all the noise and competition.

Good people with solid character, strong work ethic, and minimal ego are VERY trainable.

Those are the people you want.  Those are the people you can mold to represent you and your company.

So now that you know this…

Where Do You Find Great people?

The best way is to run a Facebook ad inviting those that have a passion for fitness, love to encourage others and love helping people, to “try out” for a position with your client-centered company as a motivational fitness coach.

Guide them to register for your company’s next employment orientation, training, or group interview session.

Once you have a small group ready to go, you set the date and confirm who’s coming.

At the event you’ll be able to talk about your company and see who you feel will be a good fit to take the next step towards working for your company.

You may want to offer a part-time internship or volunteer probationary period before you offer official employment. Check your local laws about using this approach.

Here’s a sample flow chart that you’ll get in the Fit Pro Evolution LabsHiring Staff Playbook


Level Three: The Fitness Entrepreneur:

You are now moving from working ‘in’ your business to ‘on’ your business.

You are no longer trading dollars for hours.

The business can survive without you being there for an extended period of time.

You have a leadership team who runs all major departments of the business.

You can now focus on the direction of the company, how you can add more profits and stay ahead of the industry trends.

It’s very important that you have consistent and goal oriented meeting with your leadership team.

Here are the key focuses and key numbers you and your team should focus on in each meeting:

  • Revenue and profits.
  • Memberships and cancelations.
  • Leads and conversions/sales.
  • Customer retention ideas
  • Issues
  • Goals/rocks
  • Staff meeting agenda and development.
  • Events
  • New on the horizon

These meeting should happen at least twice a month with the leaders of your business.

The biggest part of level three and becoming a fitness entrepreneur is that you use leverage from the previous two levels to create products programs and services that can serve a more global audience.

Web Apps
Training Courses

This allows you to continue to serve the world using your passion by leveraging information, speed and automation, and innovation to forge forward.

Finally, the last phase in the evolution of a fit pro is…

Level Four: The Global Fitness Thought Leader:

As a global thought leader in the fitness industry, you have an amazing opportunity to reach an unlimited amount of people in the world with your gift.

You should only enter this level of evolution after successfully passing through the first 3 phases we talked about above. If you try to go here too soon, you run the risk of hurting others and not helping them, simply because you have not succeeded at the topic you are trying to create influence around.

If you have climbed the ladder the right way and you have built up this experience and information to influential levels, it will be very easy to build your global platform and take your place as a respected thought leader.

This phase of evolution does not limit you to fitness. You now have the opportunity to dig into new markets and untapped areas or gaps in new markets.

We have successfully passed through all three levels and now exist to bring you up to your full evolutionary potential one ladder rung at a time. It is what we do HERE at Fit Pro Evolution.

It doesn’t have to stop at coaching either. Other well-known thought leaders who started at the beginning of the evolutionary ladder as a fit pro are now personal development leaders, online fitness stars, authors, and global marketing specialists.

The sky is the limit!

Fit pros are special. You are special and possess a unique gift the world needs. We know this because most successful fit pros tend to acquire the vastest array of entrepreneurial skills during their journey up the ladder.

Most fit pros are also great:

  • Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Business people
  • Thought leaders
  • Speakers
  • Writers
  • Visionaries

So let me finish by asking you this question again…

Where Do You Stand On The Fit Pro Evolution Ladder?

Want our help? Make sure to sign up for our podcast, our weekly blog posts, and check out the book Fitness Launch Formula. We are excited to be with you on this journey!

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