Which workshop is right for you?

Which workshop is right for you?

Everything dependable and true has a distinct path. Shortcuts and hacks are not the answer to your problem. The answer is clarity and direction.

Welcome to the Fit Pro Evolution business workshop series. As a fitness professional, we go through many struggles, from scarcity mindedness and identity crisis to sheer overwhelm.

It can be so hard to put all the puzzle pieces in the right places to architect your dream business because there is a serious caveat.

If your dream business does not support your dream lifestyle you are soon to take a “death spiral into a fiery crash. No joke!

That crash can result in health problems, financial disaster, burnout and failed relationships. As fitness professionals we all started out with one goal in mind – To help people and make the world a better place while making a living doing something we love.

As founders of Fit Pro Evolution, and successful business owners who have both generated millions in sales revenue for ourselves and our coaching clients, we know that the infrastructure of your business will make or break you.

marketing and lead generation are pointless without an architecture and infrastructure that can support massive growth and is designed from the inside out to give you the freedom you need to come and go without changes in income.

Most of the fitness pros we have worked with failed to establish this architecture and struggled with overwhelm and high attrition rates due to the inability to handle all tasks. That is why we created our life changing workshops and we highly recommend that you attend them in order regardless of your income or level of satisfaction with your job.

The reason we believe that you must follow our blueprint for infrastructure creation is based on the feedback we have received from fitness pros around the globe after implementing the Fit Pro GPS System into their lives.

Here are the steps in order that we feel you should take to get the most out of our workshops, tools and teachings and yes we want you to invest in all our products, programs and services because we know they will transform your life. Here are the steps of the Fit Pro Evolution system.

Step 1: Join our free Fit Pro Evolution Facebook. Participation is what will get you results. Ask questions, get answers, be giving, and help your fellow members. Join here it’s FREE

Step 2: Listen to The Fit Pro Evolution Podcast. You can subscribe on ITunes and join the thousands of fit pros who tune in weekly to listen to our in-depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs both inside and outside the fitness industry. Click here to listen on ITunes.

Step 3: Buy and READ Fitness Launch Formula by Brian Devlin. If you have not already picked up your copy of Fitness Launch Formula, then you are missing out on an incredible resource that has helped hundreds of fitness pros worldwide build profitable fitness businesses in record time that support their ideal life and serve their ideal clients. You can grab your copy for half the cost of amazon here.

Step 4: Join Evolution Labs. We highly recommend that you join Evolution Labs before attending a workshop because you will need the tools, the ongoing support, and the Fit Pro Evolution philosophy to get the most out of our workshop intensives. Evolution Labs is easy to join and you receive ongoing access to bi-weekly webinars and Q & A sessions plus all of our evolution playbooks. These are detailed deployment instructions for using all the tactics that we recommend as part of a powerful marketing strategy. Click here for more information and to join at a discounted rate.

Step 5: Sign up for and attend our Level 1 workshop: The Fit Pro GPS System. (Two Day Intensive)

During this 2 day intensive, you will create a life plan for your business.

This plan will include a detailed long term, process driven, 10-year evolution plan for your business including all the numbers, metrics, and demographics you will be responsible for.

  • We will define your nonnegotiable compass points that will drive your company forward.
  • We will uncover your true passion, cause, or purpose, and help you discover your unique talents that will serve as the backbone for your products and services structure.
  • We will create/ re-create your product ladder and client on-boarding, retention and ascension process so you can be sure that you are maximizing your service to your members but also your income.
  • We will create a unique marketing strategy for you that focuses on 3 specific avatars, what you will offer, how you will serve your market and the 3 unique “Zags” that will make you stand out from your competition
  • We will help you create your unique process and your unique systems that allow you to deliver your services to your market with an unbeatable promise attached to them.
  • We will map out your 3-year evolution schedule and make sure it adheres to your long-term outcome. The numbers must match, the metrics must reconcile and the vision must be steady. This is where most fitness pros get completely lost. Your 3-year evolution plan needs to scale and reconcile with your 10-year vision.
  • We will take your 3-year evolution plan and synthesize a workable 1-year work strategy broken into quarterly G.I.D’s and roadblock identification.

At the end of this workshop you will have a list of the 7-10 most important projects you need to complete, a list of every obstacle and roadblock you will need to overcome, a strategic planning process that will keep your compass pointed at your 10-year target and you will have met and congregated with dozens of other fitness pros on the same journey that you are on. Evolution!

You will also earn our official Fit Pro GPS System completion certificate of completion and be able to attend a Level 2 workshop.

Click the button below to apply for the Fit Pro GPS 2 Day Workshop and be prepared to be blown away by this life changing the experience.



Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers about our workshops, the application process and our supportive tools that are designed to help you on your journey.


How do I sign up?

Fill out our easy application form here. If you are accepted, we will notify you via phone or email, and send you workshop options, and dates. Click here to apply.

Where are the workshops held?

Our GPS Workshops will be held in various cities throughout the USA. When you apply to attend a GPS Intensive you will be given a list of upcoming workshop dates and locations to choose from.

What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is the attitude to succeed, and the energy to do the work. We will provide all the materials needed to walk you though the process.

Will any materials be provided?

We will provide you with everything you need to implement the GPS systems into your business. Every attendee will be given a fill-in-the-blank manual which which we will use to guide you though the process of getting extreme clarity, implementing bulletproof systems, and automating your business operations.

Will I need to purchase anything extra?

The workshop fee does not cover food, lodging or other expenses. We will provide coffee, healthy snacks and plenty of actionable training. The rest is up to you.

How many seats are available?

The attendance is currently capped at 20 attendees so we can ensure that you receive all the hands on attention and guidance you need to get the most out of each training. These are not seminars, or pitch festivals. They are implementation workshops. Because of this, we keep attendance low. We want you to get the most out of your GPS training.

Can I bring my spouse or business partner?

Contact us for information regarding a spouse or business partner. Currently we offer discounted guest passes.

Is there any support afterward?

Yes! You will be added to our private Facebook forum where you can communicate with your peers, fellow classmates, and previous attendees. Greg and Brian will monitor the forum and provide help on a case by case basis.

What is the cost?

The GPS workshops are designed to take you deeper into your business and cause a landslide of positive change in both your business and your personal life. For this reason our workshops are slightly more expensive than typical industry seminars and require an application process. Apply today if you are interested in attending a GPS workshop.

What if I am not satisfied?

We are pretty sure this won’t happen so here is our ZERO RISK GUARANTEE. If you don’t feel as if you have received 10 times the value of tuition in the first day of the GPS workshop just let the instructor know you are not satisfied and we will not only refund your tuition in full, but we will also pick up the tab for your first night of lodging at the hotel. How’s that for guaranteed satisfaction?

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